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In the beginning there was nothing; not even music.

After that, I was born. Slowly, things started to change. Hell, things started to come into existance in the first place. But I digress.

The very first music that I truly kind of liked was some version of "Popcorn" by some guy. After 2 Unlimited released their smash hit "No Limit" to the general public I got hooked on electronic music for good. Hits like "Can't Stop Raving" by Dune (1995), "Aquarius" by Party Animals (1996), and RMB's "Redemption" continued to reinforce that love.

Around 1998 or 1999 I accidently discovered artists like Cosmosis, Chi-A.D., Deedrah and Astral Projection. I enjoyed their medolic spacy sounds and appreciated the sparse use or complete absence of vocals. They labelled their music as psychedelic trance or goa.

The Goa / psychedelic trance field changed quickly into low quality, no fantasy, dark and boring machine generated annoyingly repetitive noise. Many artists didn't grasp the basic concepts laid down by the pioneers. Sigh. So I moved on to psychill (or psybient) where artists still focus on melody and the creation of beautiful soundscapes. Asura did a great job with Altered State in that respect, as did Carbon Based Lifeforms with Neurotransmitter.

And here I am now. Finally creating some sweet compilations and a few original tracks.

Trent Starter

Trent Starter

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